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MetricXpert Power


Elevate your Shopify store to new heights with MetricXpert, the app that meticulously monitors customer UTM details and order specifics, giving you an eagle-eye view of your customer acquisition sources. Witness the magic unfold as we help you make informed marketing budget decisions that boost your ROI.

Key App Features

Real-Time Data

Capture and analyze critical customer metrics as
they happen, leaving no room for guesswork.

UTM Tracking

Peek into the soul of your store and discover just
where your customers are coming from.

Smarter Budgets

Maximize your ad spend with data-driven
decisions that only the savviest store owners make.

Superior Insights

Pilot your marketing strategy with pinpoint
accuracy using our advanced analytics suite.

Easy Integration

Get up and running in no time with our seamless
Shopify app integration.

Reliable Support

Rest easy knowing our experts are ready to swoop
in and save the day.

Multiply savings by 3X.



Pro Plus


Finally, an app that takes my marketing game to a whole new level. Metrics rule!

Samantha Franklin

MetricXpert has transformed my store. Now I know where to focus my ad spend!

George Andrews

More insights than ever before! My Shopify business just got a massive upgrade.

Ava Scott

Ready Clockbusters?

It’s your turn to thrive in the ecommerce landscape with MetricXpert. No more guesswork, just data-driven action. Begin your success story today!
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